Wednesday, February 6, 2013

REVIEW: Fawn Spots and Cum Stain - Wedding Dress

Yes, it is a solemn moment, the joining together of Fawn Spots, from the UK, and California's Cum Stain for a split LP of raucous rock, with rites performed by UK label Bad Paintings and US label Burger Records.  Noise rock trio Fawn Spots have been on these pages before, having impressed us with their energy and ability to pump out noisy, fast-paced pop-rock that doesn't skimp on the hooks and melody.  Cum Stain is new to us, but their tracks here reveal a scuzzy but endearing brand of slacker-thrasher punk/pop.

Wedding Dress contains four tracks by Fawn Spots followed by six tracks by Cum Stain, although the division of labor is about equal in terms of minutes.  The album is indescribably infectious, and I highly recommend it.  I don't have many tracks to share with you, but you can stream "Watered Down" here for a taste of Fawn Spots.

If you prefer video for the track, view here --

By the way, Fawn Spots are Jonathan Meager, Oliver Grabowski and Sean Joseph Hughes.

And for a sample of Cum Stain we have "Bloody Fingertips" and the ear worm "Rollin Wrong" for you.

The Bad Paintings edition of Wedding Dress is on vinyl and digital download.  The Burger Records edition is available on cassette.

Bandcamp for the album
Bad Paintings
Bandcamp for digital download
Burger Records
Fawn Spots on Facebook
Fawn Spots on Tumblr
Fawn Spots on Twitter ( @fwnspts )
Cum Stain website (warning, not all aspects are safe for work)

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