Friday, February 8, 2013

New Pop/Punk Discovery: Shy Mirrors - Negative Collector

Shy Mirrors (Mike Downey, a Swede by way of Chicago, IL) is a fantastic discovery - their new album, Negative Collector, may be the best thing you hear this week. It sounds like Weezer having a fight with the Ramones. It contains elements of garage, surf, punk and power pop and the thing about it is, it's better than I can possibly make it sound.

If, like me, you continue to enjoy the sounds of Jeff the Brotherhood, Pujol and the patron saint of Rocksteady74's WYMA output, Ty Segall, you ought to waste no more time reading - just give a listen.

Free downloads are available for the tracks streamed above:  "Tinted Windows" - a 1:50 guitar jam that calls to mind the ..., and for "First Wave Out" - an even wilder skate-punk sounding track that just thrashes its way through 1:43 at the end of the record. You getting this? Sub-2:00 jams, Ramones comparisons and Weezer melodicism (is that a word?)... sure, you can have these two songs for free, but you ought to buy the whole thing. Not only will it improve your music collection, but it will encourage Downey to record more music.

Negative Collector is out this week on Big School Records.

Shy Mirrors Website

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Richard Victoria said...

Good find here. Really like these guys.