Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introducing: Trick Mammoth

Here at When You Motor Away we are more into looking for the next big thing, or the kids who deserve a shot at being the next big thing, than we are in talking about anyone who already is a big thing.  And I feel pretty good about including Trick Mammoth of Dunedin, New Zealand.  They aren't a big thing now, but my taste says they deserve a shot and my instincts say they will make it.  Inspired by cinema, as well as literature, they paint a picture with lo-fi fuzz guitars and female vocals.  The band is going into the studio to record their debut album with Ian Henderson of Fishrider Records.  That fact alone attracts our attention, as Ian also recorded and released the Opposite Sex album that was one of my top albums of 2012 and played drums on the release from The Puddle that was in my top 50 for last year; and both releases came out on Fishrider Records.

However, while waiting for the results of the upcoming recording session, we can enjoy the "Baltimore" demos.  Each is downloadable for a "name your price" at Bandcamp.

Trick Mammoth are university students Adrian Ng (songwriting, guitar, vocals), Millie Lovelock (guitar, vocals) and Sam Valentine (drums).  Ng had been writing solo music as Trick Mammoth for some time when he and his friend Valentine met Lovelock at DIY practice space.  Valentine and Lovelock liked Ng's material and the trio agreed to work together.


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