Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Shoegaze Discovery: Deaf Club - "Break It Slow" and free 4-song sampler

London's Deaf Club is playing atmospheric guitar rock with shoegaze and New Wave influences and really pleasing female vocals. In places it calls to mind stuff like The Cure and Slowdive, or perhaps more to the point, the Cure with touches of maybe Mazzy Star in the vocals. This free EP consists of their recorded output to date - and three of the songs have gotten a decent amount of radio play in the UK (with good reason - it's well-made, polished stuff). They're coming over to the US for SXSW - and maybe they'll add a few more dates in advance of their new EP, due out in April.

Here's "Break It Slow":

The band consists of Polly Mackey (guitar, vocals), Jac Roberts (guitar), Paul Bates (bass), Tom Ryan (drums). Mackey's voice is terrific, and they play together like a much more experienced band - I think they have a lot more good stuff in them. Here's a link to the topspin site to download the full EP.

Deaf Club Facebook

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