Tuesday, February 12, 2013

REVIEW: The Little Ones - The Dawn Sang Along

Some things are special because the things themselves are good; some things are special because the timing is good.  And some things are both good and well timed.  I suppose that if we investigated, we'd find that none of Southern California's The Little Ones are doctors, or even licensed pharmacists.  However, their new eleven-track LP, The Dawn Sang Along, may be the best, least expensive, and perfectly timed cure for the mid-winter blahs that you will find this year.  The album is indie pop -- indie pop drawn with broad strokes.  Accordingly, rather than appealing to some pop lovers of some sub-genre, but leaving others cold, if you are a pop fan you will appreciate this album.  The tones are sharp and bright, the chords major, and the harmonies buoyant and warm.  And a number of flourishes and rhythms have an international feel to them.  This is a good thing because it gives the listener the impression that the sunny mood and good times can follow the weather around the globe.

"Forro" and "Argonauts" are the two songs available to include here, but most any song from the album would have sufficed.  One of my personal favorites is "Catch the Movement", which is one of my favorites songs of the year to date.

The Little Ones are Lee LaDouceur, Kevin Lenhart, Ian Moreno, Brian Reyes, Ed Reyes and Ryan Wilson.  They are based in Los Angeles and San Diego.

The Dawn Sang Along is out on February 12 on the Branches Recording Collective label.

Branches Recording Collective

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