Monday, February 25, 2013

New Dream-Pop Discovery: Blondfire - "Where The Kids Are"

Big beats, big guitars and big synths backing big-sounding female vocals - it's a catchy combination. This is Blondfire - they released an EP in the fall with this as the title song:

And here's "Waves" - on this one you can definitely hear the influence of their Brazilian heritage (father is American, mother Brazilian, and they grew up listening to plenty of bossa nova along with rock and pop):

They are brother and sister Erica and Bruce Driscoll - he's the drummer and she contributes guitar, keyboards and, of course, those instantly recognizable vocals. They'll be at SXSW and on tour with AWOLNation, and a full album is due out later this spring on Warner Brothers. You can listen to more at their website, and it's got links to buy the music, plus tour info.

Blondfire Website

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