Wednesday, February 20, 2013

REVIEW: Great Peacock - Great Peacock EP

Perhaps audacious to predict, but I think this self-titled five-track EP from Nashville's Great Peacock will rank among the better Americana releases of 2013.  And even if it doesn't, it will have introduced fans of the genre to a new talented player on the scene.  The band is comprised of Andrew Nelson and Blount Floyd, two former rockers who've dialed back the volume and rage.  Instead, to remarkable effect, they have ramped up the storytelling and emphasized joy.

The opening track also has been released as a single.  I don't usually expect to find anthems in this genre, but the boys most certainly have one in this song.

The second track, "Desert Lark" begins as a gentle acoustic tune, but builds delightfully as the voices soar, the bass dives in, and horns provided the counter punch.  The third and fourth tracks,  "Sailing" and "Family Home", respectively, reveal the duo's country folk chops with earnest aching vocals accented (I believe) by a  pedal steel guitar.  The album closes with the gentle acoustic pop of "Bluebird" -- a final life-affirming statement from the band.

Americana isn't an uncrowded field these days (nor is the roster of bands with two names, one of which is an animal, as the band is impishly aware).  However, the quality of the songwriting, sincerity of the stories, and honesty of the southern styling set Great Peacock toward the fore of the bands to which attention should be paid.  We're advised that an LP is in the works, which is good news.  In the meantime, Great Peacock EP will be released on March 5 by This Is American Music.

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