Thursday, February 14, 2013

Solvents - New song "Careless Step" from upcoming Ghetto Moon

We've featured Solvents previously on WYMA (here and here), and I have really enjoyed the way they  drew the songs out, and the way they combined rock guitar and violin. Not surprising that they play well together - the core of the group is husband/wife team Jarrod Bramson and Emily Madden. Well, they were the core of the group, now it appears they are the whole group. As you can hear on "Careless Step", they have stripped down their sound a bit:

Removing some of the loudness and highlighting the violin was the goal, and they went into the studio with Karl Blau to achieve it. While I did enjoy the more "rock" sound of their previous music, I will say that on this song, they've achieved the goal of highlighting her violin and his voice - and their approach makes a lot of sense. I'd compare it to the approach employed by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings - with acoustic instrumentation and vocals, because of the way their songs are built, they're able to embody a sound that, while spare and using space well, is extremely full. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the new record. Ghetto Moon will be out March 19 on Bee Resin Records.

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