Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pioneers of Rock - The Ventures

Don Wilson, an original guitarist in The Ventures, is 80 today.  The impact of The Ventures on guitar based rock is arguably the equal of any other RnR group. The number of musicians naming them as major influences is impressive:  George Harrison, Lindsey Buckingham Ray Davies, Terry Kath, Mark Knopfler, The Ramones, Keith Moon, Stevie Ray, Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Brian May, and Ted Nugent.  They provided the impetus for many to start their own bands.  The first question asked of any aspiring 60's drummer was "Can you play Wipe Out?"  The some tonal quality and sound can be heard in the music of many current cutting edge groups.

Can your drummer play this?:

Their first charting single:

 Some more:

And the one we have heard the most:


The Ventures Website

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Edoc said...

Love the Ventures, esp Live in Japan (I think The Ventures were the inspiration for the phrase "big in Japan").

The Ventures Christmas Album might be the only decent holiday record worth playing. I still refer to guitar licks from that record.