Saturday, February 23, 2013

REVIEW: Twin Library: Lowways

The first time we heard from Twin Library, it was as the result of a shared love of the music of Guided by Voices - and that's enough to make me want to check out a band. Here's a previous post I put up about them and their 2011 release No Summer/Shaking Hands.

This month, they have a new release, Lowways. By way of giving some incentive to check them out, they share a list of their music loves (and, perhaps, muses): Guided By Voices, Little Wings, The Velvet Underground, The Wedding Present, Ride, The Clean, Television Personalities, Robyn Hitchcock. That's good enough for me. It should be for you, as well.

Here's "The Surgery Never Left" - a sort of gently ragged guitar line that explodes into a squall of feedback about a minute in makes this one short, sweet and memorable:

Here's "Abandon Everyone" - a really pleasing slice of lo-fi folk/rock with strummed acoustic and quiet vocals that pulls in at least three of those influences they mentioned above: GbV, The Clean and Robyn Hitchcock... but where's that surf guitar come from?

It's so good, it's worth paying for... but their talent and productivity are outdone only by their generosity: you can have it for "name your price" at their Bandcamp page:

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