Friday, February 15, 2013

REVIEW: The Redwood Plan - Green Light Go

We enjoy a large number of submissions from which to choose when deciding what to cover on When You Motor Away.  But since four of the six of us have law degrees, we are inclined to give a special look when one of our fellow lawyers is on the business side of the microphone.  And if she jumps the line a bit, chalk it up to professional courtesy.  Since I'm the Seattle lawyer, I win the right to cover Green Light Go, the new album from Seattle's The Redwood Plan.

Lesli Wood is a known and respected figure in the Puget Sound rock world.  Her latest venture album takes her riot girl stylings and punk roots and marries them into the rhythms of the dance floor.  The result is a bracing set of dance punk songs that will have you dancing the night away.  As an "off label" suggestion, it also happens to be freakishly good driving music.  None of the foregoing is intended to suggest that Green Light Go doesn't have diversity.  For example, "Slam" has evident punk roots, while "The Scenery & Melody" is an excellent pop song.  "Rattle" was born and bred on the dance floor.

The punk roots of  "Slam" are evident.  "Slam", "The Scenery & Melody" and the lead track, "Panic On", can be asked for a dance below.

You can stream (and buy) the entire album from Bandcamp.

The Redwood Plan are Lesli Wood (vocals/keyboard/guitar), Sydney Stolfus (guitar), Betty ST (drums), and Larry Brady (bass/vocals).

Twitter ( @TheRedwoodPlan )

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