Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Discovery: Old English - Prose & Kahns

Over the course of the 12 songs that compose Prose And Kahns, Old English (Canadian artist Matt Henderson) weaves together elements of several strains of modern indie rock. There's dance rock (check out the beats in "We've Been Here Before"). There's introspective, moody electronic stuff (as in the soulful vocals, slowed-down pace and synths throughout "The Corrections"). There's straight-ahead singer/songwriter folk rock ("Pop Shop", at least until it soars off toward shoegaze territory in the last minute or so). And there's plenty of guitar - in front of and behind the beats, synths and understated vocals. The best part is, Henderson pulls all this together to make the album a journey worth taking.

You can check out a few songs for free at the Bandcamp site:

Here's "Pop Shop":

Prose And Kahns was released last week (Feb. 5). You can learn more at the Old English website, or the Old English page at the CBC.

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