Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing: The Stevens

The Stevens have a raw indie rock sound with a melodic core that may remind the listener of Pavement, or Seattle's Young Fresh Fellows.  They also serve as a reminder that the pop music scene in Melbourne is among the finest on the globe right now.  But back to The Stevens - primary members Alex MacFarlane and Travis MacDonald and their mates released a self-titled EP in 2012 on CD-R and cassette.  Since then, the guys have gone big time and signed with Chapter Music. Chapter is releasing the EP on 7" vinyl (with a download code) on April 5, but it is available in digital form on Bandcamp at this very minute.

The gang is planning an LP for later this year, and based on what I've heard from the Bandcamp link, I am looking forward to it.  However - and maybe I'm just wired this way - I love the sound of the raw EP and, more generally, I love to discover bands at the early stages.  If you think like I do, the EP might be a very good choice.  In any case, pour a cup of coffee or crack a beer and listen to The Stevens.  It will make for a better weekend.

Stream the full EP below --

Chapter Music

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