Friday, April 13, 2012

REVIEW: PreTeen -- Squeeze

As the readers of this blog know, we really like championing bands that turn us on, and we can be somewhat insistent about it. We don't care whether the labels, radio stations or advertiser-funded press agree with us. One of the bands I've written about at least twice before in San Francisco's PreTeen. Their Keep It Nice EP from 2011 still is available free. Of course, because I told you to download it free last year, I expect you all did. If you didn't, you are unlikely to get credit from this course.

However, today's post is about the band's latest release, Squeeze -- eleven songs of endearing, loose, lo-fi guitar pop that I think is among the best non-chemical mood enhancers available today. For me, the music on Squeeze straddles garage, indie guitar pop and dream pop. The songs are well crafted to hook you in, capture your attention, and end long before their welcome is worn out.

Here are a few tracks to demonstrate the quality of the album, but the entire LP can be streamed below, and can be downloaded FREE at the Bandcamp link. By the way, as a listening tip I find that PreTeen's songs sound best with the volume turned up. The vocals are more accessible and since the music isn't abrasive, the listener is enveloped in the wonderful lo-fi fuzz.

"Maiden Lane"

"It's Fantastic"

You can stream Squeeze in its entirety here:


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