Tuesday, April 17, 2012

REVIEW: Allah-Las - Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) EP

Avid readers of my 2011 year end list may recall (assuming both of you remain in alive and in sound mind) that I didn't include any singles or EPs. I'm announcing that my 2012 list likely will include at least one EP. Sure, it only comprises four tracks, but I figure that if the EP is played three times in a row the listener gets 12 tracks (I'm relying on the accounting department for the math here--I was a history major), and I've never been able to play the Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) EP by Allah-Las fewer than three times in a row. Try a live version of the title track --

This music isn't fuzzed out indie hipster reinvention of '60s psychedelic and British Invasion; this sounds like the best distillation of the real thing. Trust me, I know the era well, and Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) fits like my old 501s.* The EP consists of three tracks with vocals, and a surfy instrumental titled "Sacred Sands".

"The Long Journey" --

Allah-Las are Miles, Pendrum, Spencer and Matt. The EP is released today by Pres Records. I checked and it is available on Amazon.


*Editor's Note: The fit of Rocksteady74's '60s 501s is used for artistic purposes and should not be confused with a factual statement regarding whether Rocksteady74's 501s still fit, and certainly shouldn't be taken as an assertion that there is anything artistic about Rocksteady74's appearance in said garment.

Pres Records

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