Tuesday, April 3, 2012

REVIEW: White Arrows - Fireworks of the Sea EP

I feel comfortable predicting that Fireworks of the Sea EP may be one of the most interesting three-track EPs you will hear this year. On it, Los Angeles band White Arrows pumps out their, lo-fi, electronic, psychedelic, world beat soul that they call "tropical crunk". That may sound confusing, it may sound interesting, and it may sound interestingly confusing. To sort it out, try the title track--

The front man for White Arrows is Californian Mickey Church. Mickey and his brother Henry were encouraged to be musical by their father, who had an interest in African percussion. Mickey moved to New York and earned a started the band in New York degree at NYU in shamanistic ritual. Perhaps due in part to his studies, he experimented with music that blurred lines. He recorded some demos and moved back to California. Somewhere along that timeline, White Arrows were born. The current members, in addition to Mickey, are Juice (J.P. Caballero, Mickey and Henry's half-brother), Henry Church, Steven Vernet, and Andrew Naeve.

The second track is "Coming or Going" --

Tropical crunk translates to psychedelic dance music to my ears. And it sounds very good. Put it on for the party.

"Get Gone" is the third track --

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