Tuesday, April 24, 2012

REVIEW: Ty Segall & White Fence - Hair

What we've got here is a garage/psychedelic summit meeting--San Francisco's Ty Segall and Los Angeles' White Fence (Tim Presley) have produced one of the year's indie rock burners: Hair.  Some tracks are more in one genre camp than others, but at its core this is an album with a foot in lo-fi garage rock, and a foot in psychedelia of the Syd Barrett vintage. And a wonderful combination it is.  A listener quickly gets the feeling that there were no rules or templates for this recording.  The boys plugged in and the music took them where it had to go.  We're just the lucky beneficiaries.

The album has eight tracks.  Ty and Tim co-wrote some tracks, individually penned others.  Each of them played multiple instruments.  The collaboration is exciting and fruitful, and I sincerely hope that more will follow.  Here is "I Am Not A Game" --

To complete your test drive, we have a white hot live versions of "Scissor People" and "Time", recorded for the Incase Room 205 sessions --

Hair is out on Drag City today, April 24, and is available on vinyl, CD and digital download.

Drag City page for Hair
Ty Segall's Facebook
White Fence's Facebook
White Fence Art Collective

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