Friday, April 27, 2012

The Soul Corner - Bettye Swann "Make Me Yours"

I am traveling this week to my nephew's wedding in Highlands, NC, and making a quick stop in Athens GA on the way. So I did a little research to find an artist from one of those towns. Of course, neither is a hotbed for soul music, Highlands being a mountain resort town of mainly second homes, and Athens of course the hotbed of college rock.
But did you know that R&B legend Bettye Swann, originally from Arcadia LA, lived in Athens for awhile after her string of soul hits in the late '60's-early '70's? She later relocated to Nevada where she had a productive career in education and still resides.
Here's a terrific song, Bettye Swan's classic "Make Me Yours," which topped the R&B charts in April 1967:

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