Friday, April 20, 2012

Introducing The Sun Electric Band

We here at When You Motor Away are always happy to discover, or be discovered by, another band that is as fond of jangly guitar pop and garage psychedelia as we are. So we are very happy to introduce The Sun Electric Band. The Manchester band consists of Ross Charnock, Iain Till, Scott Russell, Ciaran Coyle and Greg Chiche. The have released a few singles in recent years, the oldest two of which are available to download on their Bandcamp site. This month The Sun Electric Band released their debut album, Want to Feel Like EP, on their own Take Care label.

The songs on display here remind me of Teenage Fanclub, and I think they promise good things for this band. The first two tracks are very good guitar pop (I especially like "Orange Grove"). The third track expands the jangle to encompass a psychedelic edge. In the fourth and fifth tracks, "Looking for A Girl" and "Round the Bend", the band expands their palette to laid back, California country rock vibe. But you don't have to rely on me, you can stream the entire EP here:

2011 single track "About a URL" is very good, and very free --

Twitter ( @SunElectricBand )

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