Monday, April 23, 2012

REVIEW: Tom Williams and the Boat - Teenage Blood

When You Motor Away is supportive of ventures undertaken in working breweries.  In fact, we very much would like to locate our executive offices in such an establishment.  Regrettably, negotiations intended to fulfill that dream broke down when we asked to be provided a daily ration of product, while our putative landlord had in mind that instead we would have to pay some sort of rent.  So here we sit in our respective, soulless glass towers, grumpy and more than a bit thirsty.  Accordingly, we are very happy about Tom Williams and the Boat, because their music makes us feel good, and happy for Tom Williams and the Boat, because they actually record in a working brewery in the Kent countryside.

The band was formed in 2007, and released their debut album in early 2011.  Teenage Blood, the band's second album, has just been released on the Moshi Moshi Records/Wire Boat Recordings labels.  The songs on the album span Americana, English folk rock, and more direct indie rock.  The music is rich and varied, and the professionalism of the performers is evident on every track, from the wistful ballads to the stomping anthems.  And speaking of stomping anthems, here is the worthy  title track --

The members of the band are Tom Williams, Anthony Vicary, Geri Holton, Chris Stewart, Josh Taylor, and David Trevillon.  They made a good album--give it a spin.

Track 5, "My Bones" --

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