Monday, April 23, 2012

Holy Esque - self titled debut EP

Pat Hynes (vocals/guitar), Keir Reid (keyboard), Hugo McGinley (guitar) and Ralph McClure (drums) are Holy Esque, a relatively new Glasgow band with a rapidly brightening future. The band was formed a little over a year ago by the four teenagers. They built buzz through some internet-released demos, and by early 2012 hit the studio to record.  The product of those sessions is the band's self-titled debut LP, which is released today.

Holy Esque's sound is a big, indie rock sound, with pulsing rhythms, layered sound tapestries, sonic distortion, uniquely aching vocals, and the ability to effectively merge the melody with the rocking fury.  Perhaps think of Joy Division fronted by Feargal Sharkey of  The Undertones.   All four of the EP tracks are excellent, but if I had to pick favorites they would be "Prophet of Privilege" and "Ladybird Love".  The only track available for me to embed is the fine, previously released as a demo,  "Rose" --

However, "Ladybird Love" can be streamed here.  And "Prophet of Privilege" can be streamed here.

Holy Esque EP track Listing:
Ladybird Love
Loneliest Loneliness
Prophet of Privilege

The EP is available in digital form from iTunes.  Physical copies will be available at live shows for a period of time, and then made available for purchase via mail.


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