Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Introducing Cool Ghouls

Today's new-face-in-the-crowd for our WYMA readers is San Francisco's Cool Ghouls.  The band consists of Cody Voorhees, Pat Thomas, Ryan Wong, Pat McDonald, and Alex Fleshman, and they play a loose and energetic version of garage and '60s guitar pop.  While they aren't yet signed to a label,  they apparently have an album recorded and intend to release it this summer.  Based on what I've heard over the internet, I'm looking forward to the album.

Here is a three-song set loaded into Soundcloud by guitarist Ryan Wong.  I don't know whether any of these songs will be on the album, but I think they are good tunes.  If you like songs, you can download them for free.  I especially like "Hot Summer", a great '60s-style indie pop tune with a vampy rhythm.

A few more tracks are available to download at their Facebook page, which is linked below.  In addition, the "Recorded Music" tab at their website has two EPs available.  Finally, here is a video of a gallery show for which they were part of the entertainment.

RVCA: THIS IS US from Benjamin V. Ho on Vimeo.

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