Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday mini concert: Bare Mutants live at the Empty Bottle

Chicago-area recording engineer Shimby McCreery has a passion for, and demonstrable skill at, recording live music. His "Live at the Empty Bottle" series is well worth checking out--follow the links at the Bandcamp page for this session or the "Main Bandcamp" link near the end of this post. The session presented here is the February 6, 2012, gig by Chicago band Bare Mutants, a band that also appeared on these pages a few months ago. And don't be surprised if this isn't the last time they are mentioned here.

Shimby gives you a full 37 minute set, so enjoy the concert!

Bare Mutants are Jered (guitar,vocals), Seth (bass), Pete (drums), Leslie (organ), and Jeanine (vocals, percussion).

Bandcamp for Bare Mutant's session
Facebook for Bare Mutants
Main Bandcamp Page for Shimby Presents: Live at the Empty Bottle
Facebook for Shimby Presents: Live at the Empty Bottle

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