Thursday, April 5, 2012

New music from Honeydrum

Honeydrum has been one of my favorite lo-fi indie bands for over a year now. The quality digital and tape releases from the New Jersey group is among the best ear candy of its type, and their self-made videos are a visual treat. Honeydrum is releasing a new four-song 7" on AMDISCS in the middle of April called Stranger Calls. It will be paired with an EP on CD titled Do U Party and the two releases will only be available as a set. The songs are short in duration but long on pleasure, and have a nostalgia-inducing radio quality. It is a bit dream pop, a bit garage and a bit new wave. The stuff is great, and I'm not aware of anyone else doing what they are doing.

For a taste of the tunes, here is the concise pleasure of B-side, "Suddenly Heaven"

Suddenly Heaven - Honeydrum from honeydrum on Vimeo.

And here is the A-Side, "Stranger Calls" --

Honeydrum also is releasing a tape titled When the Young Are Gone, which is a compilation including many of the tracks they have released in the past year. It is available at the "Store" link below.

Twitter ( @Honeydrum )
Amdiscs (label)

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