Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Spanish Psych/Stoner Rock Discovery: Cuzo - Alquimia Para Principiantes

Cuzo is a Spanish power trio formed by Pantaleón (guitars and keyboards), Pep Caravante (drums) and Fermín Manchado (bass). They proudly claim allegiance to Hendrix. And they aren't fooling around. Pantaleón swings a mighty axe, and every part of the power trio supplies a lot of power. Along the lines of the Experience, all three players are capable of carrying a solo, and the drums and bass can quickly go from underpinning the music to flying along on top of it while a heavy guitar riff is repeated. The music is tough, smart and fast - really good hard rock. Like fellow WYMA favorites Radio Moscow, these guys also claim allegiance to Blue Cheer. If you are looking for psychedelic rock with your heavy rock, look no further than "Mi Otro Yo" (My Other I?) with its Pink Floyd-inspired "whale sounds" guitar sounds leading in and out of a heavy instrumental. This is really good stuff, especially if, like me, you consider English lyrics optional...

Here's a recent video of them performing the title track:

Listen for yourself at their Soundcloud page:

 Find more at Cuzo's website or click here to buy. There's an iTunes link, in case you don't want to fool around with the Spanish instructions.

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