Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Babies - My Name/The War single

Record Store Day is today. It is an event that we here at When You Motor Away fully endorse, and we encourage you to make a trip to your favorite store and check out the specials. If you have children, please take them along and introduce them to the pleasures of musical artifacts.

In sorting through all of the wonderful music specially created or packaged for this Record Store Day, I decided I'd highlight the single My Name/The War by Brooklyn's The Babies. It embodies the elements that make Record Store Day special. It is good music. It is specially released for the event. It is a special collection because the recording of these tracks actually predate the other work by The Babies that is on the market. And the label, Bad Paintings, is a small British label with which you may not be familiar.

The Babies include members of Woods (Kevin Morby) and Vivian Girls (Cassie Ramone), and we've written about them before on these pages. The two tracks on this single are delightful, raw, lo-fi noise pop, and I'm happy to add them to my collection of The Babies' recordings.

The single is released worldwide on 7” vinyl (500 copies only), cassette (50 copies only--I expect that the cassettes are sold out as of the time of this post) and digitally as of Monday, April 23. You can stream the tracks here:

Bad Paintings
Soundcloud for the single
The Babies on Facebook
The Babies on Tumblr

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