Thursday, April 26, 2012

REVIEW: Suckers - Candy Salad

The candidates for summer soundtracks are starting to surface.  It may seem early to you, as we haven't quite breached the May page on the calendar, but in the worlds of publishing, fashion and cinema everything is prepared well in advance of the season, so maybe summer albums in late April are just in time.  In any case, while looking for your soundtracks you shouldn't ignore Candy Salad, the sophomore release for Brooklyn's Suckers.  Full to the brim with hooks, melodies, sonic frills, and impeccably crafted songs, the album is unfailingly entertaining.  It clearly is pop music, but has an undercurrent of tribal rhythms and doses of experimentation.  I might suggest that Suckers bridge the gap between a mainstream pop band and Yeasayer or MGMT.  Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that they are more disciplined and less uptight than Arcade Fire.  But regardless of the description, it is good music.

Here is the wonderful "Chinese Braille", live at SXSW -- 

Suckers are  Pan, Quinn Walker, and Austin Fisher, all originally from Connecticut.  They formed the band four years ago, and released their debut album, Wild Smile, in 2010.  Candy Salad was released on April 24 on Frenchkiss Records.  The band begins a month long American tour on May 1.

"Turn On The Sunshine" --

The band has the enviable ability to craft songs that are both energetic anthems yet convey a genuine sense of warmth, as evidenced by "Figure It Out" --

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