Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Fear Inside" EP from Clockwork Era

While punk rock is an enduring form of popular music, it seems to me that modern punk more often springs from the pop punk portion of the spectrum.  However, if you crave the brand of '70s punk--infused with anger and aggression--and then overlaid with a post punk soundscape, you will be a fan of Fear Inside, the new EP from London's Clockwork Era.  The vocals may remind you a bit of The Fall's Mark E. Smith, but Clockwork Era distinguishes their effort with a palpable element catharsis riding wild waves of buzzsaw guitar and pounding percussion.  It consists of four tracks and is over in 15 minutes, but it is a great ride and it will leave you wanting more from this band.

You can watch the video for the title track below --

Clockwork Era is Jason Lipscombe and Cat Gray and they list their hometowns as London and Newcastle.  The Fear Inside EP is released this week on Radical Noise Records.

Here is the Bandcamp stream for the EP --

Twitter ( @clockworkera )

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