Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shorts - Berlin 1971 EP

I keep running into Michael Caterer.  Not that I've ever met the man. But I've enjoyed his work as guitarist for Scott and Charlene's Wedding (link) and the debut album from Full Ugly (link).  He also was the mainstay of a fine Australian band called Love Connection.  Now he has popped up with a four-track EP for his own band, Shorts.

The title track is one of the sunniest, sweetest doses of guitar pop you've heard in a long time, and that is without considering the killer line "I'm thinking about getting old with you".  We wish Mr. Caterer nothing but happiness, but the fact that he wrote the song while bummed out in Berlin on a day off from touring with S&CW suggests that the sour times can lead to fine music in his hands.  The second track, "Happy 10th Birthday", is 1:43 of twisted, atmospheric, instrumental synth pop.  "Wonder (I Just Wanna)" builds on track 2 with a more muscular rhythm, more distinct melody, laser-shot effects and indistinct vocals.  It reminds me a bit of early tracks from New Zealand's Surf City, and that is a good thing to be like.  What is the song about? I have no idea, but it sounds joyfully cathartic.  "She Feels the Sting" closes proceedings with a swaggering indie guitar tune.  It could be a showcase song on many EPs, but other EPs don't have "Berlin 1971" leading off.

The EP was released in digital form in Australia a few months ago, and by Aloe Music in the US.  Now the UK and Europe are included, as the EP is being released in vinyl by Bad Paintings on June 9.  Purchase of the vinyl comes with a digital download.

To record his songs, Caterer enlisted John Maurer (Free Time/Titus Andronicus/Real Estate), Dylan Shumaker (Woodsman/Alex Bleeker and the Freaks), and Adrian Tregonning (No Zu).

Bad Paintings
Aloe Music
Bandcamp for EP

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