Friday, May 23, 2014

"On the Beach" from Lower Plenty

Hard Rubbish, the second LP from Melbourne's Lower Plenty was critically acclaimed in Australia upon its release by Bedroom Suck in 2012, and I ranked it in my top albums of 2013 (#23) when it received its deserved world-wide release from Fire Records.  Their follow-up album is Life/Thrills, and it will be released on June 20 by Bedroom Suck.  The first available track is "On the Beach".

Lower Plenty is Al Monfort (guitar/vocals), Daniel Twomey (percussion), Sarah Heyward (percussion/vocals), and Jensen Tjhung (guitar/vocals), all of whom play for other bands, including Deaf Wish, UV Race, Dick Diver, Total Control and The Focus.  This project takes a different tack than those other bands, using space and a languid pace to reveal their melancholy, and sometimes bitter, charms.

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