Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Free download: Dolorean "Miami Wine" (their final song)

I hate when my favorite bands break up. Dolorean, one of the finest Americana bands of the past decade, have announced they will play their final show on May 31. Hopefully, singer-songwriter Al James, blessed with such a strong writer's voice, will continue with others though I have a lot of trouble picturing him with musicians who would suit his songs better than the boys in Dolorean.

Dolorean made 5 terrific CDs, played a lot of shows all over the US and Europe, and were critical favorites. What will now be their final full length release, The Unfazed, now 3 years old, is a huge favorite of mine and got a glowing review here at WYMA, and was on our best of the year list  (JD Best of 2011).

But at least they have left us one more song and at a very good price, "Miami Wine" - free download here.

And lest you forget the beautiful and sad music this band gave us, we leave you with a live performance of the title track to The Unfazed:

Long live Dolorean.

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Mike Frank said...

It's a sad day when someone like Al James can't carve out a living writing songs and playing music. Truly one of the most under-appreciated songwriters of our time.