Monday, May 26, 2014

NEW SONG: White Fence covers Gram Parson's "Lazy Days"

The AV Club is running a series featuring bands covering pioneering artists associated with specific cities - the latest installation has to do with Los Angeles, and has psychedelic garage rockers White Fence playing Gram Parson's psychedelic country rock anthem "Lazy Days":

I'm a sucker for Gram covers - Dinosaur Jr's "Hot Burrito #2" is a gem, hidden as a bonus track on a 3-track single that came along with a 2006 re-release of Green Mind:

And the entirety of the tribute album Return of the Grievous Angel is a gold mine. This track reminds me of Wilco's take on "One Hundred Years From Now" - a tribute, sure, but not bogged down by reverence. It rocks hard.

Here's some background on how it came together:

Be on the lookout for a new White Fence album this summer.

AV Club Pioneering website

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