Friday, May 16, 2014

Asian Babes/Future Glue - SexxXx Tape

You know how it is, everyone needs a sex tape these days.  If you don't have one, do you even exist?  This is the dilemma faced by the label bosses at Fuzzkill Records.  How can you compete with Kim K, R Kelly and the others if there isn't at least a rumor of a sex tape?  Well, you won't be surprised to learn that the Fuzzkill boys decided that they needed a sex tape.  But being busy executives and wanting to keep their reputations clear for an eventual run at being Scotland's Prime Minister if independence is gained (and wanting to be able to face their mothers around the holidays), they arrived at the brilliant solution of having someone else make a sex tape and having Fuzzkill sell it.  So here we have a spanking new SexxXx Tape from bands Asian Babes and Future Glue.

SexxXx Tape is a cassette release, but purchase includes digital download and access to Bandcamp mobile app.  The tape includes four concise punk/garage nuggets from Asian Babes, and one delicious nearly 8-minute atmospheric, lo-fi, surfy contribution from Future Glue.  The contributions from Asian Babes have all of the immediacy and excitement of well executed garage punk, with a good dose of fun, while Future Glue is the perfect ending - channeling Link Wray after a handful of uppers and a few shots of stock bourbon.  I've provided several songs below, but you can stream the entire sordid affair at the Bandcamp link below.

I realize that you've come to expect a bit of background about the bands, but you don't really think I'm going to put "asian babes" into a search engine on a work computer, do you?  All I can tell you is that the lead singer of Asian Babes is Kate Thorburn of Glasgow band Charles of the Ritz.  Future Glue is a less scary proposition: They are a five-piece from Glasgow that would appear to have a bright future.

"Rosalee" from Asian Babes --

"John Cooper's Clarks" from Asian Babes --

"Out of Hand" from Future Glue --

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