Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Observations" from Melted Toys

Melted Toys makes the kind of psychedelic pop that reminds of of the times when I am not fully awake and not actually asleep.  Colors are bright, but lines indistinct.  Seemingly brilliant ideas float into focus but retreat to some elusive plane when I am fully awake.  It is intimate, familiar and very satisfying.  The only complaint I can have is that Melted Toys hasn't been very active of late.  Happily, that flaw will be rectified on July 15, when the San Francisco quartet releases their self-titled debut album via Underwater Peoples.  You can sample its delights with the dreamy summer jam "Observations".

Melted Toys are Daniel Rosado, Steven Harkins, Brian Wakefield, and Ole Haarstad.

Album pre-order at Underwater Peoples

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