Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Guitar Rock Discovery: Sam Page - The Slog In Uncertainty

Sam Page is an Orange County-based singer/songwriter playing well-realized, catchy guitar rock. His music pulls together a number of notable post punk influences - as an example, check out "Doubt", which calls to mind Dinosaur Jr.:

And here's album track "Shine Your Little Light" - a fine piece of power-pop with a good backbeat and strong lead guitar, and what might be Page's best vocal on the record:

But the guitar is the best thing about most of these songs - like the lead-in with strummed electric and acoustic that opens up "Release Me":

The Slog In Uncertainty is his third album - Page is a very assured performer, but I'm sure the process of creating, mastering, releasing and marketing one's own music is chock full of uncertainty. And it's to our advantage that guys like Page continue onward, slog and all. This is a very good album. Listen, buy and learn more at his website.

Sam Page website

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