Friday, May 9, 2014

Rolling Stones Friday: Ride On, Baby

We've been featuring well known songs of the Rolling Stones most Friday's here at WYMA. But this week we're digging deeper into the catalogue for a true gem you might not know.

"Ride On, Baby" was recorded in 1965 for the Aftermath sessions, but not released until 1967 on the Flowers collection. It was not a single, got no airplay, and in England at least, was more associated with Chris Farlowe whose Mick Jagger-produced version was a hit single in 1966.

It says a lot about the Stones during this period that they had a song this good which didn't even make the record it was recorded for. "Ride On, Baby" certainly represents Brian Jones at his peak - he contributed harpsichord, piano, marimbas, autoharp, congas, and Rickenbacker guitar - creating such a striking sound here.


Late Friday addendum:
WYMA's Founder / CEO / President, John Hyland, reminded today there is a very fine and recent cover of "Ride On Baby" by WYMA favorite Tommy Keene, which appeared on Excitement At Your Feet (WYMA review here.  Listen to Keene's "Ride On Baby" here:


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