Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Young Fathers - Tape Two

We profiled Tape One, the debut from Edinburgh's Young Fathers earlier this year (review here).  Not quite six months later, we are bringing you Tape Two.  The brief period between releases is easily explained:  Tape One had been released earlier in Europe, and Anticon picked it up for the January release in the US.  However, there is no delay for Tape Two, it is out now on Dazed Digital and Anticon.

Young Fathers brings a blend of hip hop, electronica, pop and rap to the party.  It is thoughtful, creative, passionate, fresh, multi-textured and exciting.  On Tape Two they are digging a bit deeper into darker themes than on Tape One, but keeping a wide angle on the manner of expression. And at 23 minutes, they continue to leave you wanting more.  Take a test drive with "I Heard" --

The range of talent in this young trio makes their work hard to predict.  My guess is that their future efforts will go in whatever directions they choose, because I don't see any inherent limitations.

Dazed Digital

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