Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Psych/Fuzz Discovery: Purple Heart Parade - "The Room" - free download

Manchester band Purple Heart Parade is playing some engaging, heavy psychedelic rock - recommended if you like Oasis and Tame Impala, especially if you like the idea of Tame Impala-style psych with plenty of guitar fuzz laid in. Lead singer is Peter Cowap, with Ryan Arnfield and Sam “Budgie” Bugajski on guitars, drummer Tom Mallas and Bass-player Ste Woods. They have built an enjoyable wall of sound with a pounding rhythm section supported by a devastating guitar attack - with plenty of guitar effects in the bargain.

They'll be appearing at the Glasgow Psych Fest. I have to say, it makes me happy that there is such a thing as a Glasgow Psych Fest.

Here's "The Room", first a live video, then an online track which they've kindly made available for free download:

Learn more, and keep up with them, at their website:

Purple Heart Parade Website


mancmusic said...

So gald you like them, they are wild live
here's another superb example..

They are part of a brain expanding Manchester Psych scene , that includes the mighty BlackSonic Revolver and these cosmik masters The Lucid dream

All playing the Liverpool Psych festival and before that The Castle in Manchester on 7/7
Come over, you will love it and you will get a warm Manc Psych welcome

John Hyland said...

Thank you for the comment, for the videos and for the kind invitation! We have featured The Lucid Dream before - like them a lot.