Wednesday, June 12, 2013

REVIEW: Bonnie Whitmore - There I Go Again

Bonnie Whitmore's new album, There I Go Again, is a country-rock keeper. Whitmore is a terrific songwriter with a clear, strong voice and a way with a pop hook. She's also got echoes of country and folk rock legends all over her work, in the best way possible. Emmylou is an obvious comparison for her light, pretty vocals on upbeat songs like "You're Going To Love Me", but there is also heavier stuff like "The Gavel" - a bluesy song with a definite resemblance to another famous Bonnie.

And there are other touchpoints as well, some openly acknowledged by Whitmore as she discusses Tom Petty's ability to balance roots music and catchy pop-rock. "He makes these amazingly awesome pop songs, but is also able to keep them within the lines. You could hear how beautiful the melodies are beyond the grit of rock and roll," she says. "I struggle with the question - 'who inspired you?' - but Petty’s music has, and always will inspire me." This inspiration is clear on a lot of the tracks here, but to me the clearest indication is the way the guitars and keyboards ring out on the opening, title track.

This album is highly recommended if you enjoy the music of singers like Neko Case, the aforementioned Emmylou and Bonnie, and WYMA favorite Tift Merritt.

Here's "Too Much Too Soon", which she's made available for free download:

That pedal steel is just wonderful, but as with everything else on the album, her voice is the featured instrument, and rightly so. We're looking forward to hearing more from this talented Texas native. There I Go Again is out this week (June 11) on This Is American Music.

Bonnie Whitmore website
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