Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Recordettes - The Recordettes EP

Summer means fun.  Well, we always say that, and hope that it happens.  But summer doesn't always deliver.  So one strategy for improving the odds for fun is to get some tunes that invoke summer.  For some, that might mean death metal.  If that is you, please move to the end of the row, away from the other people.  Now, for the rest of us, here is some punky power pop that seems born of an early rock and and roll era garage, courtesy of NYC's The Recordettes.  The EP is a concise three-track affair, beginning with the catchy "Candy Store".  The second track is a garage-surf instrumental.  The third track is a sing-along that may find itself played at your next party.

If you like "Candy Store", feel free to stream the entire EP here --

The Recordettes EP is available on 7" vinyl and via digital download.  Bandcamp is the best venue in the US.  If in Europe, you can hit the No Front Teeth link below.

No Front Teeth

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