Thursday, June 27, 2013

REVIEW: Neighbors - I Love Neighbors

Seattle's Neighbors crank out crunchy and jangly power pop and garage rock with just the right dose of melody and pop sense to hold it all together.  Moreover, they have a certain appealing confidence.  The listener gets the sense that the knows that they can write and perform, and they certainly know that they can bring the noise.  However, to seal the deal, they are providing a digital download of their new EP, I Love Neighbors, at the attractive introductory price of "name your price".  I think that is very neighborly of them.

The EP consists of five tracks, and the quality is so uniform that I had trouble deciding which track to include in this post.  "Accessory" won the prize, but I encourage you to check out the entire EP at the Bandcamp link.  This brand of melodic up-tempo garage is too rare these days, especially when done this well.

For the EP, Neighbors consisted of Jose Diaz (vocals, guitar, production), Nathan Anderson (drums), Jacob Jaffe (bass), and Adriano Santi.  There were rumors that Adriano was decamping for California, so he may or may not still be a participant.


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Adriano said...

I'm still in Seattle, but I'm not in Neighbors anymore. Evan Easthope (Land of Pines, Marvelous Good Fortune) replaced me.