Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Punk Singles from Skinny Girl Diet and Ethical Debating Society

Skinny Girl Diet is a three-woman band playing a slight variation on classic, hard/fast punk. It's wild stuff...they keep the needle in the red with the guitars, drums and bass behind some nice harmony vocals, then push it a little bit higher with some serious screaming in the choruses. Here's "Homesick":

Ethical Debating Society is playing in a similar style - just a little bit off to the side of SKG... slashing guitars, lots of screaming, male/female vocals that are like a tortured parody of Cindy and Fred. Here's "Creosote Ideas":

These are UK punk bands, releasing this split 7" on Athens, GA's HHBTM Records. If you're here often, you may recall HHBTM punk artists like Tunabunny, Joanna Gruesome, Bam Bam and Muuy Biien - we think you should support this label because they're doing excellent work. The 7" is in the works, and due out later this month.

HHBTM Records

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