Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flowers - When You Lie EP

In trawling for talent among the bands that played the recent New York Popfest (Is it lazy or smart to use the Popfest talent scouts to do my work? Both, I'm quite sure) I stumbled on London's Flowers.  I then did a touch of my own research and discovered a few others, including the Finest Kiss blog here in Seattle were already fans.  So we may not be the absolute front runners here, but we're happy to step in and give the band a boost.  Flowers' sound is a fuzz, noise pop that will bring to mind Black Tambourine and possibly The Jesus and Mary Chain.  And their female vocalist has a great voice -- crystal clear and slightly fragile; note in particular the track "Watch and Wonder" below.

The band's currently available output includes a four-track single "When You Lie" which was released by Cloudberry last February.  Apparently the physical version is sold out, but the digital is available at the Bandcamp link below for "name your price".  A debut LP is planned and will be released by New York label Kanine Records.


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