Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Punk Discovery: Dead Waves - Kill The Youth EP

Dead Waves are a Brooklyn, NY-based punk (bordering on metal) band consisting of brothers Ted and Nick Panopoulos, who play bass and guitar and share vocals, and drummer Franz Streit. Their new EP, Kill The Youth, sounds great loud - it's aggressive yet melodic and in places, it reminds me fondly of the bombastic early stuff from Pixies... toward that end, check out "Happy":

or perhaps GbV, circa Propeller, except maybe Pollard is sharing vocals with Lemmy... Toward that end, check out "Sky":

Oh, did that get your attention? It should - this thing's terrific. Dead Waves self-released this 5-song EP last week (June 7). You can click through the tracks above to listen to the whole EP, or read more about them including upcoming appearances on their Facebook. 

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