Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NEW SONG: Eyes And No Eyes - "If No One Else Saw It" b/w "Flying Machine"

Eyes and No Eyes is a London-based folk rock band with an engaging sound - on these songs they feature an almost delicate sound, mostly acoustic at start but building with drums, guitars and strings to a bit of a crescendo, before being consumed by, in their words "an Italian tape echo unit named Melos". They apparently met at art school in Brighton, so yeah, they're creative. And talented.

Here's "If No One Else Saw It":

And here's "Flying Machine", which starts quietly, this time with electronics behind the vocal, to which they add strings and rock sounds about 1:30 in.

They've got a full album out soon, but these two tracks are available now, for "name your price" - you can click through either of the Bandcamp tracks above to get it, or order a special edition vinyl.

The group consists of Tristram Bawtree on vocals and guitar, Becca Mears on cello, Thomas Heather on drums and Marcus Hamblett on bass. They are also working on an electronic side project EP exploring the extinction of birds, fish, languages and technology. The EP is more in the conceptual tradition of Matmos and Kraftwerk, using keyboards, drum machines, found sounds and samples.

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