Monday, June 17, 2013

New Jamaican Singles from Stones Throw: Duppy Gun - "What Would You Say About Me?"

Stones Throw has a new out - Duppy Gun: "What Would You Say About Me?" It is unlike anything else you are listening to right now. The music is not exactly reggae and not exactly hip-hop but contains elements of both. There are actually four songs - "versions" of both tracks are also included.

Duppy Gun 12-inch #3 includes "What Would You Say About Me," a tune by Fyah Flames with a beat by DJ High Waistline (aka Matthewdavid). The flip side is "Own Pattern" by I Jahbar, with a beat by Big Flite & Velkro (aka the Duppy producers). Both tracks were recorded in Spanish Town, Jamaica. These records come with an oversized poster — half of the records with Fyah Flames, half with I Jahbar.

Read and learn more at Stones Throw.

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