Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New video and free songs from Smile

Melbourne's Smile will grace us with their debut album, Life Choices, in August.  But being of generous spirit, they have published a video for a couple of album tracks, "Sunni Hart" and "Born Again".  Purveyors of engaging slacker ballads, the music this five-piece makes could well work its way into the soundtrack of your life.

Sunni Hart / Born Again by SMILE from SMILEBAND on Vimeo.

The discerning reader will note that two tracks, "The Jesus Song" and "Born Again" can be downloaded free at the Bandcamp link below.  I assure you, you will want them.  Consider them an interim drug until Life Choices drops in August.

Smile is Pete Baxter, Max Turner, Josh Delaney, Nick Mulhall, and Liam Gough.



Nate Robbins said...

This is, quite simply, the worst fucking shite I have ever been subjected to. Smile?? You know when someone curses in a song and it makes you feel sick because it sounds really forced? I just threw up on my shoes.

Anonymous said...

We're you really touched so horribly by this music that vomit came sailing out of your mouth onto your shoes? I think you're lying Nate Robbins. Just like college was lying to you when it implied that "shite" was a cool way to swear without hurting Jesus.

Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

You know when someone says that they just threw up on their shoes and it sounds really forced, because they didn't really throw up on their shoes? Yeah, well, it is like this.

We'll put you down as a "just maybe" for a limited edition Life Choices, Nate. Thanks for reading. We only promise that we like the music we write about. Everyone else will make up their own minds.