Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Brazilian Shoegaze Discovery: The Sorry Shop - Mnemonic Syncretism

Of all the varieties of music we cover at WYMA, I would say garage rock and noise pop/shoegaze - you know, heavy heavy guitar sounds/effects with treated rhythmic harmony vocals, or variations on that - are the two widest-spread. We have gotten garage rock from all over the world, and shoegaze from as far away as Australia, Turkey and now Brazil. Today's entry is The Sorry Shop, a rock band from Rio Grande, a small town in Brazil. And it's really, really good stuff. Their latest album, Mnemonic Syncretism, is a blast from the not-too-distant past, and carries echoes of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Swervedriver, and Catherine Wheel, to name a few.

Here's opening track, "Star Rising" - great guitars, low harmony vocals:

And here's "Rooftops of Any Town" - a little more upbeat, with some hard drumming and exhilarating squeals of guitar feedback:

Finally, "Know Me Right" - my favorite track, and the fullest-sounding, with a real wall of percussion sounds and the best vocal tracks on the record. This song is a treasure:

You can download it free courtesy of the band at their Bandcamp site, or read more at their Facebook. Really good music, for free, from a young band with a lot of promise for the future... what more could you ask for?

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