Thursday, January 31, 2013

REVIEW: Cuddly Shark - The Road To Ugly

The Road to Ugly is a heady stew of punk, country, alternative folk, and indie rock from Glasgow's Cuddly Shark. The trio pulls no punches.  The songs are, for the most part, brief, straight-ahead blasts of energy with talk-sing vocals.  The social commentary also is straight ahead, almost brutal, but it all comes across with a genuine sense of fun.

"Overpriced" displays the band's punk side --

Cuddly Shark are Ruth Forsyth (bass), Jason Sinclair (drums), and Colin Reid (guitar and vocals).  The band was formed in Elgin, in the Scottish Highlands.

"The Devil In You" begins as a folk song, but breaks into a county punk stomp before the one minute mark.

And for some punk fun, here is "Body Mass Index".  The title to the album is taken from a lyric in this song.

The Road to Ugly is out now on Armellodie Records.  If you like your rock on the punk side, with humor and a bit of country, this is an album to check out.

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