Saturday, January 19, 2013

REVIEW: Blooper - Long Distance EP

Seattle's Blooper is Adriano S., Chris Quirk and Darrin Ruder.  We highlighted them last March in a post about the Seattle scene, and then profiled their Go Away EP in May (link).  They are back in the spotlight with another dose of their crunchy, hooky garage pop -- the four-track Long Distance EP.

The EP begins with the aggressive guitar assault of "You Won't Miss Me", which may remind you of The Yardbirds.  It is only 2:11, but it doesn't even that long to hook you in for the duration.  "Shaky" delivers a bit more of a '90s slacker vibe.  The guitar remains prominent but trades the crunchy chords of track one for some jangly distortion.

"All the Time" begins with a drum solo, and transitions into a garage anthem.  The EP closes with "Not Up To Me", which to my ears is the most pop-oriented track on the album, but remains in the garage vein that this group does so well.

So there you are -- four tracks, fewer than 17 minutes of delightful, danceable garage pop to shake away the winter chill.  Try before you buy below --


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